SoMo Interactive Experience - The Social Mobility App Goes WOW

HereMobility presented at CES2019 its exclusive social mobility app named: SoMo. 

SoMo links mobility and sociability capabilities. It enables users to plan, share, and explore content in a way that is simple, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly. 

We have created an Interactive digital space, shown on a 3D printed model. It combines video projection on a built-in model of a city with a back wall. 

The interface is displayed on a touch screen, where one can select a specific topic and acquire the story behind it using original content projected simultaneously on all surfaces. 

The innovative SoMo technological experience designed specifically for the visitors of the exhibition; jointly assists in understanding its content and at the same time enjoy a “wow” effect.

Produced by ThisPlay Production Group. Content Management by Shilo Gallay. Visual by Blackboard Studios.

My Part: Creative Director.