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Digital Solutions for the Israel Museum - Educational Interactive Experience

Emoglyphs - from Hieroglyphics to Emoji - a new exhibition that portrays the evolution of writing from the antiquity age until today.

Hieroglyphs - script that developed about 5,000 years ago in Egypt about 5,000 years.  Emojis - ideograms and smileys developed in the digital age of the 21st century, and what is in between them.

In order to enhance the exhibition, an interactive solution was developed:

The “Crowd Wisdom” stand. Presents visitors with a selection of Emojis with a cross-section of answers from visitors of the exhibition.

The “Test Yourself” stand. Enables every visitor to test their knowledge of the Hieroglyphs.

The “Rate the Exhibition” stand. Invites visitors to express their opinions about the exhibition.

The downloadable Sticker app. Offers visitors the opportunity to send a wide selection of Emoglyphs via WhatsApp straight to their personal handheld devices.

My Part: Creative. Director. Producer.

Photos © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem by Laura Lachman.

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