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LALALAND -  Concept Store L.A


The 32,000 sq.ft. LALALAND concept store prime located on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles.

The concept was to use a multimedia platform in order to provide customers with a superb and pleasant visit. When going into the store, one can see a giant main screen, smaller LED screens shaped as logo letters, 16 columns coated LED and one 2.5m diameter LED revolving glowing ball. All of the screens are synchronized displaying personalized content.  A few of the themes played on the screens are: Hollywood, California, USA, Disco, James Bond, Extreme, Rock Life, etc. The combination of screens create a distinct experience navigating visitors through the Hollywood magical world.

Content Creation by Snowball, Loco-Motion, Pixel & Video-Line. Production by Avs.


My Part::

Lead Concept Team

Creative Director

Project Manager

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