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OshiLand - Retail & Entertainment Center

As the first 'Retailtainment' in Israel, the OshiLand complex aims to take the shopping experience to the next stage in entertainment.
While creating the content, the emphasis was put on generating an atmosphere that interacts with the brand values ​​and the building design, while maintaining the highest visual quality and adapting to the unconventional gigantic partially clear screens.

The unique high-end eye-catcher outdoor welcome screen grabs the attention of visitors and pedestrians on the street. The visual concept began with creation of a presenter. We decided to use a fox character named Oshi from the OshiLand logo and bring him to life. On the welcome screen the 3D animated Oshi invites the visitors to enter the area with humor and charm.

The surprises continue inside the building as well, where in translucent innovative elevators, there are large and impressive rose-colored screens. The semi-transparent screens serve as a display platform for various content where visitors can see the elevator passengers’ silhouettes and enjoy the unique technological innovation. 

Managed, Produced and Concepted by: Breeze Creative. Post production by: Snowball Studios.

My Part: Creative Director

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