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The Amdocs Experience Center - A PowerPoint Killer!

Amdocs is a leading software and services provider to 250 communications and media companies, providing innovative solutions, intelligent operations and delivery in more than 90 countries worldwide. Amdocs’ new centers in Ra'anana and San Jose installed a pilot of cutting edge technologies to advance simple PowerPoint presentations into a more innovative, engaging experience.

The new Amdocs centers display their products by using innovative technologies and exposing the audience to a variety of environments. In the heart of the center is the showcase hall, designed as a small VIP movie theater, where the tailor-made applications are demonstrated to partners and customers.

 Effective visual aids capture and hold audience attention, as well as help increase their retention and the presenter's technological skills. The usage of remarkable visuals over a main convex screen coupled with a hi fi audio system, enhance the client’s experience as well as provide an astonishing learning experience about Amdocs products.

Content design was created by: Denis.V. Production by: Dofo

My Part:

Creative Director : Lead Concept Team

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